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About Talmudico

Shaya Fogel, CEO Talmudico
Shaya Fogel
CEO, Talmudico

Shaya Fogel, CEO of Talmudico and author of Passion Principles Purpose, has a long history of operating and contributing to successful businesses. In 1995, Shaya was a General Manager for Nobody Beats the Wiz (the Wiz), an electronics retailer with 52 stores in the NY/NJ/CT area. He played a large role in the Wiz's finest year with sales exceeding $1,000,000,000.

Eventually, Shaya joined B&H Photo and helped carve the strategy that would take their website from an information website to a full force E-Commerce super-power. In 2008, he began to consult for various companies and eventually launched Talmudico.

Why the name "Talmudico"? The Talmud represents ethics, principles, and values that are arrived at by way of sharp strategic debate and discourse.

Talmudico assists new and existing businesses to unleash their online potential by tapping into Fogel's experience and his hand-picked team of highly skilled specialists, project managers, designers, and developers.

Many people have been on billion-dollar teams, but few were a critical part of billion dollar teams that began as relatively small companies. Fogel has accomplished this feat twice and has helped countless other companies achieve success. Find out what Talmudico can do for you.

Meet The Team

Shaya Fogel

CEO, Founder

Levi Finck

Communications Director

Shmuel Fogel

Project Manager

Matis Fogel

Head Developer

Daniel Khiyayev

Google Ads Specialist

Gittel Schwartz

Content Writer
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