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What is Local SEO and why does it matter?

Local SEO is the process of attracting more traffic to your website from search engines like Google, abnd specifically local searches. This can be an extremely effective method for acquiring new customers, because people are already searching for businesses like yours - and, if your business is showing up at the top, you are likely to get more traffic and more customers. Also, targeting local keywords such as "restaurants near me" or "restaurants Daytona Beach"  gives you the opportunity to climb to the top of the rankings as they are less competitive than broader search terms.

Additionally, by working with your existing customers to build up lots of great reviews, you can stand out from your competition and get even greater results.

More and more businesses are beginning to invest in Local SEO, and it is easy to fall behind competitors who are keeping up to date and capturing a large share of the Google Search market. By the same token, by starting a Local SEO campaign, you can also get ahead of your competition that does not have a skilled team leading their efforts.

Google My Business Profile

All Local SEO starts with your Google My Business Profile. This is where potential customers can easily see your business information such as Name, Address, Phone, Location, Website, Hours, and more. By optimizing your profile with up to date information and adding appealing images, you will increase your conversion rate and get more customers. You can also make posts to keep people up to date on any promotions or other information. Perhaps most importantly, you can also manage your reviews, which we'll discuss in a moment.

Maps Listings and Organic Search Results

When a search is made with local intent, Google typically first displays a group of 3 businesses and shows their Name and Rating in big. These are known as the Maps Listings. These Maps Listings are displaying Google My Business Profiles - and Google highlights 3 of them. Working your way up to one of these 3 spots will be very beneficial in getting a good chunk of the search volume. While you may think that Google sorts the listings by reviews, you would be very wrong. Google is much more sophisticated and ranks other factors more heavily including location authority, website, backlinks, and more.

Under the Maps Listings are the Organic Search Results which are the standard Google search results. Many people scroll past the Maps listings, and getting your website to show up high on the Organic Search Results is a big focus of Local SEO. This process involves optimizing your web pages and earning backlinks.

Local SEO vs Paid Google Ads

Local SEO takes time and effort, but the results are lasting and can land you tons of free traffic. On the other, paid Google Ads can get you a lot of clicks but require a set monthly budget and continuous investment. A healthy balance between Local SEO and Google Ads is recommended so that you can effectively get free traffic but also gain extra traffic from targeted Google Ads.

How Talmudico Can Help You

Now that we've discussed the importance of Local SEO and the basics of how it works, let's talk about how we can help you. We will work with your business to develop a Local SEO strategy that typically involves the following components.

Google My Business Profile Creation/Optimization

We can optimize your profile by entering all your business information and constantly making sure it is up to date. We can also optimize your description and other verbiage on the profile as well as your images to help you rank higher.

Review Management

We can work with you to set up a system for you to send your customers a link to a page on your website which prompts them to leave you a review. We can also set up email and phone campaigns to follow up with your customers and help you get lots of legitimate, 5 star reviews - this will tremendously help you stand out from your competitors.

Another important ranking factor and way of showing your cusotomers that you value customer service is by responding to customer reviews.

Online Directories

We will submit your business information to dozens of other online directories like Yelp, Yellowpages, Angie's List, Manta, etc. This is an intensive process, but a crucial component in establishing your profile and getting it to appear higher in the search results.

Website Design

Having a clean website that shows professionalism, makes the case for why potential customers should choose you, and entices customers to take action will greatly benefit all your Local SEO campaigns. We specialize in web design and development that does exactly that!

Website Optimization

On site optimization to ensure that your website is mobile responsive, loads quickly, has the right amount of content, contains local keyword, optimized title tags and meta descriptions as well as Schema code will improve your Local SEO efforts.

A Reliable Team that Will Work for Results

While we have experience running these campaigns, we can never guarantee results. What we can guarantee is that we will create and execute a thorough plan based on proven methods that get results. Give us a call today and get started!

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