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What are Google Ads?

A large percentage of Google Searches end in a click onto a Google Ad, and many searchers don't even notice it. Google Ads are displayed above the free organic search rankings, which gives you the opportunity to get a larger percentage of the clicks for the keywords you are targeting.

Google Search results for "dentist in deltona". The first 2 results are Google Ads.

How effective are Google Ads Campaigns?

Google Ads campaigns can be an extremely effective and cost-effective way of getting new customers. With so many searches a day for your keyword, there is tremendous potential. However, it is crucial that you conduct a thorough analysis of your cost per click and conversion rates to ensure that your campaigns are profitable.

For example, let's say it costs $5 per click for the keyword "dentist in deltona" and it takes 10 clicks before someone schedules an appointment for $200. You're doing great and making a good profit. If, on the other hand, it takes 50 clicks before getting a new patient, you are not profitable. However, you also need to factor in the life time value of the patient. While you lost $50 on their visit, if they have a good experience, they are likely to be a good customer for many years to come!

Making sure your numbers work out so that your campaigns are profitable and optimized for lower costs per click is key to ensuring your Google Ads Campaigns are effective.

How much do Google Ads cost?

On Google Ads campaigns, you only pay per click. So, if someone sees your Ads and scrolls below, you do not pay anything. The cost per click varies greatly by industry and location but could be anywhere from around $1 to $20. The average cost per click is around $2.

Additionally, if you hire a company like Talmudico to manage your campaigns, break down the analytics, and create engaging landing pages to increase conversions, there is an additional fee that you pay to the agency. This can be done as a flat rate or as a percentage of the Google Ads budget.

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Based out of Ormond Beach, Florida, our team has great experience running successful campaigns across many industries. We have the knowledge team dedicated to creating effective campaigns and monitoring them closely to ensure they are optimized for the best results every day. Our in-house web design and development team brings extra power to our marketing efforts by creating landing pages that will greatly increase conversion rates and get you more customers at a lower cost.

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