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Responsive Web Design and Development

All of our websites are designed and developed responsively. This means that your website will automatically adjust to fit the screen size of the device it is being viewed on. This is especially important in ensuring that your website looks amazing on mobile devices. In 2019, approximately half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices, and we make sure all our clients' websites look great on mobile.

Custom Design

We will research your competitors and industry to make sure we understand industry protocols and the general feel of most of the websites in the industry. We will work directly with you and tailor your website design to match the exact look you are going for. We do not use any templates. All our websites are designed from scratch and custom-made by our team of web designers.

Search Engine Friendly

Perhaps more important than having your website look great is also making sure people can find it.

Google Analytics Integration

After creating your website, we will integrate Google Analytics, so you can track all the traffic on your website and analyze it further.

Google Search Console and Sitemap Submission

We also submit a sitemap through the Google Search Console which tells Google that your website exists and ensures people can find all the pages to your website through Google search. The Google Search Console also gives you specific insights on tracking your traffic that comes specifically through Google Search.

On-Site Optimization

We will optimize the URLS on your website to ensure they are clean and search engine friendly. We will also create Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to help search rankings as well as Click Through Rate (CTR). On E-commerce, event, and local business websites, we will also integrate rich snippets which will help you stand out on Google search and boost CTR.

Expert Advice

We have tremendous experience in the web industry, which further benefits our clients. Not only do we focus on making our websites look amazing, we also make sure that we set up our clients for success on the web. This includes making sure they have a Google My Business Profile as well as other online profiles like Yelp. This helps make sure that people find your website if they are looking for you and also drive more traffic to you from new potential customers.

Ormond Beach Web Design

We have helped countless local business in Ormond Beach get started with their website and online presence. We also use our knowledge of the local area and business relationships that we have built in assisting our clients. Plus, we are located at the center of Ormond Beach, at 194 E Granada Blvd and are always available to set up an appointment at our office. We also understand the nature of running a business as well as the time and location constraints that come with it. Therefore, we frequently meet our clients at their locations to formulate a plan of action and share our progress. If you are interested in a new website, a modern redesign, more traffic to your website, or advice on harnessing your potential online, give us a call today!

We also work with many web design clients in Daytona Beach in addition to our clients accross the US!